Thursday, August 13, 2009

Breaking it down...

I mentioned five different avenues of my life that I wanted to make some serious changes to. They include:


There's nothing I want more right now, then completing my bachelor's degree as well as my master's degree. I have 5 semesters remaining on my bachelor's if I continue to go full time. I know this is a long road, but I'm determined not to cop out and give up. During my time in school, I realize the importance of doing certain things:
-Raise GPA and keep it there
-Becoming a better student, writer, and researcher
-Networking with other students, professors, and coworkers
-Be a model employee. Got to have those positive references!
-Learn as much as I can in the field I want to go in


My ex and I had many mutual friends. When we split, it made it difficult to maintain these friendships without putting those people in the middle. I didn't want to do that. As a result, I cut ties with many people that I care about and love. I have been very lonely since then. Before I got married, I was a very social person. I had a large group of friends. Not having that now has turned me into a very negative, cynical person and I don't like it. Relationships with others are important to maintaining a positive mental health. It's extremely beneficial to your psychi to be social, laugh, and get out on the town once in awhile.
-Make one new friend each month (as cheesy as it sounds)
-Be accepting of all people
-Reconnect with old friends
-Be friendly to everyone I come in contact with

Mental/Physical Health

I suffer from anxiety and it's important for me to keep my stress level in check. This is hard because I'm a go getter and tend to take on more responsibilities than I can handle. I'd also like to keep an eye on my physical health. Diabetes runs in my family as does obesity. I want to live a long and healthy life. I also suffer from another condition that I've never really gotten medical help for and I'd like to see if I can take charge of that as well.
-Maintain a work out schedule
-Eat healthy
-Keep stress level down
-Learn to prioritize
-Take time out for me


The last one is one of the most important for me. I am determined to get my finances and debt under control. I was never taught how to properly manage my money and therefore I have made many, many mistakes. As a result, I have a horrible credit rating, no savings, no insurance, and a large amount of debt. This is a great source of stress and anxiety for me. In order to help my mental and physical health, I have to get this under control.
-Get a better paying job
-Formulate a budget and stick to it
-Pay off debt
-Accumulate a nest egg for myself
-Learn how to properly manage my finances